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Morination Agricultural Products


Morination Agricultural Products is a global food and agricultural trading company based in the Philippines. Working with local farmers, it supplies private and international organizations safe, affordable and nutritious food products.  

According to its founder and General Manager, Sharon Jean Gonzales-Gulmatico, Morination began as a cup of dried Moringa Oleifera leaves that a grandfather fed to his grandchildren. “Since then, we have taken a leap of faith and dream that these leaves and similar superfoods can help to feed the world.” 

Morination has made ending hunger a key priority. As a member of the Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge since 2021, the company works with small farmers to help them increase their livelihood and trade opportunities by purchasing their products or serving as an intermediary between their cooperatives and large-scale buyers.   

Pledging to end hunger 

Morination has pledged nearly USD 2 million to help small farmers in the Philippines. “With our programmes, we want to double annual incomes of households,” notes Sharon Jean. These programmes include training to help farmers improve their yields and high-quality crops, facilities to store their harvest and access to health services.  

In Benguet, Morination has also supported vegetable growers with training in organic farming. The company is an active proponent of bio-dynamic farming and sources organic produce from these farms. “These products have turned out well for the farmers as the crops thrive in an organic environment and the end-user who can taste the difference.” 

Morination Agricultural Products also engages in advocacy for sustainable food supply chains with UN agencies and other businesses. The company is a member of the Philippines chapter of the UN Global Compact, the Philippines Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (PPSA) and a pilot participant of the FAO/OECD’s Responsible Supply Chains in Southeast Asia.