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Emeci Technologies


Emeci Technologies produces and grows high-quality seeds for farmers in Tanzania. With approximately 30 acres of land, it works with farmers to produce, sell and plant seeds. It also helps farmers collect their grains and sell them in international markets. 


According to Deusdedit Kizito, the Founder and Executive Director of Emeci Technologies, “Interest in what we are doing is high. Farmers are interested in the seeds that we have introduced to them while government is interested in the variety that we offer and how they can be used to tackle malnutrition and anemia in the country.” 

Joining the Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge 

In September 2021, Emeci Technologies joined the Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge with the aim of improving biodiversity and community livelihoods. It has undertaken a project with bee keepers as well as fruit producers to help them fight poverty while also addressing climate issues. Because seeds are the core product of Emeci Technologies, the company is also investing in infrastructure and technical assistance to support SMEs in its value chain.  

For these projects, Emeci Technologies is partnering with GAIN whose representative in Tanzania, Edwin Josiah, believes in the role of the private sector in helping to end hunger. “The private sector is like the vehicle that can end hunger. While the government is involved in the household, it is the private sector that is involved in the farming.” 

Deusdedit agrees. “For me zero hunger on our planet has always been an important goal. People lack access to sufficient and nutritious food which has forced me to try to look for a solution. We work with partners who share a common goal of ending hunger.”