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East-West Seed


East-West Seed provides innovative seeds and services that help improve the livelihood of vegetable farmers and promote sustainable farming and business practices.

Joining the Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge

During the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit, East West Seed pledged a total funding of US$ 18 million to support and improve the livelihoods and nutritional security of farmers through its foundation, East West Seed Knowledge Transfer. 

Since January 2022, the East-West Seeds Foundation has offered training to farmers in Uganda. Through 595 demonstration gardens, it has trained 23,579 farmers on vegetable farming as a business.  In the Rhino Camp and Imvepi Refugee settlements, which host South Sudanese refugees, 349 vegetable demonstration gardens have been established through which 12,728 farmers, of which a majority (63%) are women and (72%) youth, have been intensively trained. In addition, 81 demonstration kitchen gardens were established and 1,213 households supported to establish kitchen gardens in the refugee settlements from which the household members were trained about nutrition education with the aim of reducing malnutrition.  

Intensive farmer training has continuously built the capacity of farmers, primarily women who are responsible for the garden work in the project communities, to address their farming challenges hence improved production and productivity, this leads to increased food availability in the communities.  

Beyond food accessibility and availability, demonstrating the profitability of vegetable farming has created sustainable employment opportunities for the project beneficiaries.