List of Investment Areas

Ceres2030 Areas for InvestmentTypes of Investment NeededExamples of Aligned Company Investment
Empower the ExcludedEnable participation in farmers organisationsContract with farmers organisations
Investment in vocational programs for rural youth offering integrated training in multiple skillsEstablish young or female farmer programmes that train them on a wide range of skills
Scale up social protection programmesEncourage innovative contract farming that provides multiple services to farmers, and enables them to provide affordable nutritious food to social protection public procurement 
On the FarmInvestment in extension services, especially for women, to accompany R&D spendingSupport female farmer leadership programs within their value chains
Agricultural interventions to support sustainable practices that are economically viable for farmersProvide support to small producers to develop stronger business models for regenerative farming 
Support adoption of climate resilient cropsProvide access to climate resilient crops at lower prices through PPPs
Scale up farm level interventions in water scarce regionsSupport SMEs with innovation services to supply clean irrigation
Improve quality and quantity of livestock feed for small and medium scale commercial farmsSupport responsible sourcing and testing of livestock feed 
Food on the MoveReduce post-harvest loss by focusing beyond cereals to fruits & vegetables, and other parts of the value chainProvide a package of technologies and services, such as multi-use, circular, aggregation cool storage units that can be purchased by farmer organisations/communities, improved access to testing facilities (e.g., aflatoxin), transparent contracts and price premiums for quality produce
Invest in infrastructure, regulations, technical assistance (TA) and services to support SMEs in the value chainProvide innovation support to SMEs in the value chain and workforce nutrition programmes