Zero Hunger Pledge impact in Tanzania

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In Tanzania, a number of local companies are committed to ending hunger and malnutrition in their country. These companies - primarily through their core business operations -  have put in place projects to help achieve SDG 2 within their communities.

  • Afco Investment provides a range of bio-fortified flours that can be used to make porridges rich in the many vitamins, minerals and nutrients that young children and nursing mothers need. As part of its commitment to the Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge, Afco Investment is working together with GAIN to make its biofortified food available among the most vulnerable in its country.
  • Emeci Technologies works with farmers to plant, grow and sell high-quality seeds in Tanzania. Together with GAIN as its implementation partner, Emeci is investing in infrastructure and technical assistance to support SMEs in its value chain.  
  • Kinshaga Food Products produces nutritious fruits-infused biscuits using raw materials sourced from locally based smallholder farmers. Through the Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge, it has committed to reducing post-harvest losses through the fruits it uses to make its fruit-infused biscuits.
  • Mamaland Mushroom Farms produces mushrooms and mushroom based products to help alleviate malnutrition. It offers training through vocational programmes targeting rural youth in its LEARN Project.
  • Nasinya Dairy processes raw milk collected from pastoralist farmers in remote areas of Tanzania in order to make cheeses, butter, yoghurt, and mtindi (fermented milk) which are subsequently sold in hotels, local shops, and restaurants. It is supporting programmes to improve pastures upon which indigenous communities rely to produce milk throughout the year. Because much of the land allocated to villages requires rehabilitation, measures are underway to clear the bush and plant feed for cattle, to use organic manure instead of chemical fertilizers, to plant seeds and to dig wells for water. 
  • Rieta AgroSciences produces and distributes seeds, agrochemicals, animal feed and farm tools. As part of its commitment to the Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge, it is making available beans fortified with iron as well as drought tolerant maize seeds in the central and lake zones of Tanzania.

Find out more in this video with representatives from Afco Investment, Emeci Technologies and Nasinya Dairy.