Three new African SMEs have joined the Pledge

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The Pledge expands into Mali! 

The Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge continues to grow and expand its coverage worldwide. 

Three African SMEs have joined this global movement to eradicate hunger sustainably and achieve SDG 2 in their local communities. Africa is leading by example in this effort, as many African companies are integrating investments to empower and protect their communities into their core business strategies. 

The new pledges have been received from AGRIFACE in Rwanda, Domestic Grains Mill in Nigeria and Sustainable African Foods in Mali. 

AGRIFACE (The Agri Farmer Center) from Rwanda acts as a processor and aggregator, buying maize and beans from smallholders, processing them into fortified flours and selling them back at a discount to the smallholders from whom they bought the raw products.  

The SME pledged to improve the quality and quantity of livestock feed for small and medium-scale commercial farms and to reduce post-harvest losses by focusing beyond cereals to fruits, vegetables and other parts of the value chain. 

Domestic Grains Mill from Nigeria works to encourage the reintroduction of domestic grains to the local community tables. Through the Pledge, it aims to scale up social protection by setting up a school meals programme in Lagos. 

Sustainable African Foods from Mali is working to develop value chains around traditional African crops, including fonio and shea. Its investment focuses on increasing the participation of farmer organisations and offering training to producers and rural youth on intensive fonio cultivation and improved production techniques. 


Thanks to these new companies, the Pledge now supports projects in 50 countries worldwide with commitments from 53 companies. 

The Zero Hunger Pledge welcomes commitments from new companies of all sizes from all around the world. To discover how to pledge, visit the dedicated page.