Stories from Companies

AFCO Investment


Fortunatha Mmari launched AFCO with the goal of making nutritious food available for the most vulnerable in Tanzania. Her company provides a range of bio-fortified flours that can be used to make porridges rich in the many vitamins, minerals and nutrients that young children and nursing mothers need. AFCO products are available in over 150 retail outlets across the country at affordable prices for low-income earners.  

As Fortunatha notes, “Our activities contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and in particular SDG 1 (no poverty) and SDG 2 (zero hunger). One of our objectives is to provide access to nutritious foods to all households at an affordable level.” 

AFCO works with over 400 farmers for the supply of produce to make their flour. In addition to the produce that AFCO purchases, it also helps farmers connect with international markets. 

Joining the Private Sector Pledge 

AFCO Investment joined the Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge in September 2021 with a commitment to help reduce post-harvest losses.  

With GAIN as its implementation partner, AFCO fosters consumer demand for biofortified food among the most vulnerable in the country. It is working together with retail shops as well as door-to-door sales agents to make products available and accessible to everyone.  

“Through our activities, we have not only made nutritious food available to children in schools but also helped farmers increase their income as well as those who sell our products. More than half of our employees are women who are responsible for their household income,” remarks Fortunatha.  

“Companies of all sizes have a role to play in ending hunger. We need a holistic approach that understand how each one of us contributes to the community with the food that we produce. The private sector will always sell products whether or not they are nutritious. For this reason, we need incentives to be able to deliver a positive impact on society,” she concludes.