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ColdHubs offers modular, walk-in, off-grid, solar-powered cold stations for food storage and preservation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The cold room incorporates 120mm insulating panels to retain the cooling. Energy from roof-mounted solar panels is stored in high-capacity batteries which feeds an inverter that in turn feeds the refrigerating unit.

The cold rooms are installed in farms and markets where farmers and vendors can rent reusable crates to store their fresh produce. ColdHubs charges a pay-as-you-store daily fee for each crate of food stored. ColdHubs is working to realise its Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge despite continuous challenges in securing working capital. With funding from Heifer International, ColdHubs is working on 4 new facilities in South-Western Nigeria which are scheduled to be opened in September 2022.