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NutriCare produces and sells insect powder used to fortify orange maize flour and produce a nutritious staple porridge meal, Thanzidoo. This porridge meal contains essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.  

Close to 500 thousand sachets of protein powders are sold door to door each year, through a partnership with youth entrepreneurs reaching approximately 20,000 infants aged 6 to 24 months. 

Joining the Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge 

NutriCare joined the Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge in September 2021. As part of its pledge, it has focused on training rural youth and women on how to increase their yields through improved techniques and the use of high-quality seeds. NutriCare also provides training on the implementation of regenerative agricultural practices. 

According to Ken Gunsala, CEO of NutriCare, “Most of the farmers that we have reached so far have had improvements at the household level in terms of food security and greater crop diversity. They have been able to increase their available food stocks from 6-7 months to 12 months. These have been the positive changes that we have seen.” 

Learn more about their work in the below video showcasing two Pledge companies in Malawi.